How to Build Trust as a Leader

  1. Ask for feedback (and respond to it well!) I meet with each member of my team every year or (if team is too large) every other year. I ask for honest feedback. Examples of questions are “What can I do better?” and “What can the team do better?” It may take some follow up to get them to open up; I give examples of things I think they might say or what others have said, like “Some have said they wish I would communicate more of what’s happening in the executive office.”
  2. Prove to people that you care about them. Know and understand your team as individuals. The last question I ask is: what does your future look like? It doesn’t have to be ‘I want to stay here until I retire.’ I want to support them no matter what their goal is.
  3. Be vulnerable and honest with others. Show up authentically. We are all imperfect, if you try to deny it others will see through it and you will come across as fake.
  4. Be consistent and have integrity. Be the same person in every single room. Don’t engage in gossip, badmouthing etc. You set the example of what exceptional looks like!

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